IFB Brunei




Title Publisher's Name Published Date
Revisiting Shari'ah Standards Stock Screening Criteria Dr. Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad 2017
Remodeling Islamic Accountability for Awqaf Institutions: An Integration of Stewardship Concepts Dr. Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad 2017
Issues Deter the Propelling Growth of Awqaf in Bangladesh and the Way Forward to its Developments and Widening the Scope of its Benefits Dr. Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad 2017
The Nature of Retakaful: Risk Sharing or Transferring Risks? Dr. Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad 2017
Achieving Sustainable Economic Development Through Islamic Microfinance and Potential of Proposed Two Tier Mudarabah Waqf Business Model Dr. Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad 2017
Regulation, Performance and Future Challenges of Sukuk: The Evidence from Asian Markets Dr. Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad 2017
Factors Influencing Russions to Patronize Islamic Financial Products and Services: Case Study in Dagestan and Tatarstan Dr. Muhammad Abduh 2017
Competitive Condition and Market Power of Islamic Banks in Indonesia Dr. Muhammad Abduh 2017
Economic and Market Predictors of Solvency of Family Takaful in Malaysia Dr. Muhammad Abduh 2017


Title Publisher's Name Published Date
Deposit Withdrawal Behaviour in Islamic Banking Dr. Muhammad Abduh 2017
Sources of Differences of Opinions Among the Muslim Scholars' Fatwa on Some Practices UNISSA Journal 2017
Zakat Management Information System: A Proposed Model for Brunei Darussalam Arip Perbawa 2017
Managing Shariah Compliant Investment in Employees Trust Fund (Tabung Amanah Pekerja, Brunei) Haji Suhaili bin Haji Momin 2017
The Change from Bai' Bithaman Ajil to Tawarruq: A Case Study on Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) Practices Nur Aqidah binti Jarudin 2017
The Customers Decision in Using Islamic Banking Services in Brunei Darussalam: A Comparative Study with Kingdom of Thailand Muneeroh Careng 2017