IFB Brunei


  1. BIBD SME 360 was introduced
  2. MOU signing between Perbadanan TAIB and ICD to establish TAIB Bank
  3. BIBD allowed to open and office in DIFC subject to DFSA
  4. BIBD opened Representative Office in Singapore
  5. Commencement of Stock Exchange Establishment Project
  6. BIBD received rating of A- from S&P
  7. Government Sukuk Al-Ijarah of 6- and 9- month tenors were introduced
  8. Securities Markets Order, 2013 was introduced
  9. Licensing of Insurans Islam TAIB General Takaful and Insurans Islam TAIB Family Takaful
  10. BIBD began offering online banking services
  11. Licensing of Takaful Brunei Am (TBA) and Takaful Brunei Keluarga (TBK)
  12. Launch of SBI Islamic Fund
  13. Establishment of Centre for Islamic Banking Finance and Management (CIBFM)
  14. BIBD Al-Kauthar Fund was launched
  15. Islamic Banking Order, 2008 and Takaful Order, 2008 were introduced
  16. CIMB Islamic Imtiyaz Islamic Fund was launched
  17. Short-term Government Sukuk Al-Ijarah was launched
  18. Syariah Financial Supervisory Board Order, 2006 (SFSB) was introduced
  19. IBB and IDBB merged into Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD)
  20. SG Financial Consulting Services, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd and HSBC Amanah was awarded license
  21. First launch of Corporate Sukuk Al-Ijarah by IDBB
  22. TAIB began offering SMS Banking Services
  23. Pawnbrokers Order, 2002 was introduced
  24. International Insurance & Takaful Order, 2001, Securities Order, 2001 and Mutual Funds Order, 2001 were introduced
  25. Establishment of Takaful IDBB
  26. Development Bank of Brunei converted to Islamic Development Bank of Brunei (IDBB)
  27. International Banking Order, 2000 was introduced
  28. Islamic Banking Act, Chapter 168 was introduced
  29. Establishment of Ar-Rahnu Department under IBB
  30. Establishment of IBB Kredit Berhad
  31. Establishment of IBB Securities Sdn Bhd
  32. Establishment of Takaful IBB Berhad
  33. Establishment of Insurans Islam TAIB
  34. International Bank of Brunei converted to Islamic Bank of Brunei (IBB)
  35. Establishment of Perbadanan TAIB